Travelling Texas

Individuals from near and far have all heard of the great state of Texas! It’s big, it’s vast and everyone wears a cowboy hat (or so they say). If you are planning to travel to Texas in the near future, we have compiled a list of tips to help make your trip as smooth as possible:

Bring Water:

Texas is… HOT! If you are planning to visit the Lone Star State, especially during summer months, be prepared for tumultuous heat. Water, shade, and sunglasses are key.

Visit Austin:

Austin, Texas is my favorite place to spend time. If you’re looking for great food, live music, outdoor activities or a solid night life, Austin is the place to visit. Here are some of my favorite places to go in Austin:

Yuyo: This Peruvian restaurant located in East Austin is absolutely amazing.

Franklin’s Barbecue: An absolute classic. And Texas BBQ is a MUST if you’re visiting the area.

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Lady Bird Lake: Hike, bike, kayak or paddleboard in and around this beautiful piece of Austin.

Visit San Antonio:

San Antonio is another place to relax, drink, and eat in Texas. The downtown riverwalk is one of the most attractive features of the city. Various restaurant options and bars dot the riverwalk. Be sure to take a boat ride at night, especially during Christmastime, to see the beautiful lights.

Whatever you decide to do in Texas, be prepared for lots of friendly faces and happy smiles along the way! …

Touring Central Texas

If you have ever visited Central Texas, you will know that there is a vast variety of sights, tastes and things to do in the region. Here is a list of the must-see attractions in Central Texas.

Jacob’s Well. Jacob’s Well is a beautiful blue spring located in Wimbereley, Texas. Visitors can jump into the hole from rocks perched above the water, or relax by the swimming hole and enjoy a midday picnic.

Jacob’s Well is located in Wimbereley, Texas.

Salt Lick BBQ. After visiting Jacob’s Well, you might want to stop in at the Salt Lick and try classic Texas barbecue. Served family style, the restaurant offers brisket, sausage, and sides galore.

Gruene. The charming little town located just outside of New Braunfels is the perfect place to try some wine, shop and listen to live music. Just remember, parking can be a little busy in Gruene, so arrive early to beat the crowds.

The Texas Capitol. In the middle of bustling Austin you can find the state’s capitol building. Take a tour of the beautiful building and learn about the state’s long history.

Visiting Chile

Chile is one of the most unique countries in South America. Stretching from the bottom of the continent upwards, the nation has many varied climates. Chile is home to the Atacama Desert, Patagonia, a volcano and the cities of Santiago and Valparaiso. I spent time abroad in Chile, and I have made a list of recommendations for travel destinations throughout the wonderful country.

  1. Santiago: The nation’s capitol is called Santiago, and it is home to much hustle and bustle. From economic development to banking to artists, the city is bursting with unique individuals.
  2. Wine country: Chile is known for its impeccable wine making. Cousiño Macul is the oldest vineyard in Chile, and I would recommend you tour it if you have the chance.
  3. Valparaiso: Valpo, as the locals call it, is a vibrant city filled with murals and hills. Think of it as the San Francisco of South America. While walking the streets, you can see street artists, taste yummy street food, and observe the busy cities’ unique aura.
  4. Atacama Desert: Known for being one of the driest places in the world, the Atacama Desert is a beautiful place to visit while traveling through Chile. While here, you can see stars, as well as the dry desert landscapes.

Things to remember to travel by train

When travel by train there are things you need to know and things you need to have with you on the train. Here are some tips and guidelines you need to know before you go on a train ride.

Bring a pillow and blanket 

If you are riding on one of those Amtrak trains is it better to bring own pillow and blanket. Then you are more relax and comfortable when you want to sleep. If you don’t want to bring a big pillow you can bring a travel pillow and a sarong.

Dress comfortably

You don’t want to sit for the whole train ride with some jeans and a shirt. Wear some yoga pants and a loose t-shirt. Wear this and you will sleep better and not uncomfortably. 

Pack sound and light-blockers

When going on an overnight trip wear some earplugs or headphones to reduce sounds and put on an eye mask to have a good sleep on the train. Download enough songs of you to listen on the train. If you love reading this is going to be the best time to read a book, make sure you have enough books to read. 

Pack a picnic

Have some snakes with you. You can buy food on the train but is it very expensive. Have many snakes with you so that it will last the whole ride don’t forget to have something to drink with you. 

  You can take your time freshening up

I would recommend bringing you toiletries with you if you going on a long ride and you want to freshen up and feeling clean. A great thing about the train’s bathroom is that it is bigger than an airplane’s bathroom there is more space for it. You don’t have to worry for other people to go and fresh up. Luxury trains you have your know bathroom to it. 

To ride on a train take longer than any other transport. It is the view of the train that makes it fun. On a train, you feel sometimes comfortable to ride and feel like home. If you never have ridden in a train it is never too late to try and ride in it. On a train, you can walk around, in places you can’t really walk. Trains are more comfortable to be in, and it has a lot more things than an airplane. It is also one of the safest to travel in.