Visitation Rights

In Kentucky, visitation rights are also referred to as time-sharing. If the mother and father can agree on a visitation schedule, the court will usually approve the plan. Visitation is encouraged except in extraordinary circumstances. Try to keep the other parent involved in school activities and other events. You should know that the noncustodial parent who visits regularly tends to be a parent who pays child support regularly.

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In coming to an agreement, everyone’s schedule needs to be considered in regards to school time, outside activities, sports, church, and vacation. A typical visitation schedule will alternate weekends, give a few weeks in the summer, and alternate holidays. If the parties live far apart, this pattern will not work. The schedule then calls for fewer but longer visits. If the parties live far apart, you must deal with who will provide or pay for transportation.

No Agreement

In some cases, an agreement upon a visitation schedule cannot be reached. A parent is entitled to visitation or a time-sharing schedule be ordered by the court, unless extraordinary circumstances exist. To aid in the creation of a visitation schedule, the Kentucky courts have developed the suggested model time-sharing and visitation guidelines. Since each case will present unique facts or circumstances for consideration, the final schedule may or may not be in accordance with the suggested guidelines.